11 March 2017

Glasgow’s Review of International Performance (GRIP) created and printed by Take Me Somewhere, reflects through a celebratory and playful lens, on the seminal moments of contemporary international performance that have visited Glasgow from the late 1980s until 2016, a year on from the closure of the Arches.

It coincided with the inaugural Take Me Somewhere festival in Spring 2017, and we hope it will function as an inspirational interpretation of the landscape of performance history, in a city that has been shaped by its cultural connections to the rest of the world.

GRIP was created via an invitation that simply asked its contributors to consider their most memorable international performance experience in Glasgow. It is a record of flashes of visual memory, physical sensations, political awakenings - following the way individuals, and cities, remember the culture that has made them who they are now. It isn’t intended to be a comprehensive, finite history and we purposely chose not to edit either the choices or the content. We now extend the invitation online for anyone to add their own GRIP contribution.

It forms a love letter to Glasgow. The now legendary moment of the year of European Capital of Culture led to the opening of The Arches and for twenty five years the city has defined itself through the new possibilities that art and cultural life can offer. All that is gathered here is testimony to the enduring urgency in our need for collisions between the local and the international and reminds us to fight for the expansive thinking that comes from the global exchange of ideas and concepts. 

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Produced by Take Me Somewhere and Live Art UK