Performance Magazine Online

Between 1979-1992 Performance Magazine documented an extraordinary period in the development of art in the UK.

With its maverick and punk ethos Performance Magazine embodied an immensely active community of artists, writers and publics that crossed disciplines throughout the late 70s, 80s and the start of the 90s.

The magazine provided a vital platform for the awareness of new approaches to the making and experience of art by creating a critical context and space for discourse. Moving beyond Performance Art and conventional categorisations, Performance Magazine was instrumental in promoting cross-disciplinary and underground art and played an important role in triggering the development of Live Art as a terminology and field of creative practice.

Rob La Frenais (founding editor 1979 – 1987) has collaborated with Live Art Development Agency (LADA) to develop Performance Magazine Online.

All sixty-six Issues of Performance Magazine have been digitised and are accessible online for you to freely search, browse and read.

In addition a series of new contributions marking the magazine’s history and legacy have been commissioned for the project to provide a series of personal pathways into the past issues of the magazine and to connect us to the era in which it was published.

The commissions include a new Film by Hugo Glendinning and Alex Eisenberg mapping the magazine’s history and legacy, which is available to view now, performances by Anne Bean, Hester Reeves and Nahum Mantra at the project’s launch events in Hull and London,  a spoken letter by Claire MacDonald to former editor Steve Rogers, and a written piece by Lynn MacRitchie which surveys the history and context of Performance Magazine.

All commissions will be released online between April and June 2017.


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Date Posted: 24 May 2017