SPILL: Festival of Performance

SPILL is an adventurous, international festival of contemporary arts, lovingly crafted in Ipswich. From 25 October to 4 November the festival features a packed programme at sites across the town.

During SPILL you can experience over 100 different artworks, both indoors and out, including live performance, sound and music, film and video, artist’s talks, events for families, plus projects exploring heritage and place. About a third of the festival is totally free, a third of tickets are a fiver and the highest ticket price is just £10.

The theme of this year’s festival is Time, and this manifests in various ways throughout the festival. There’s a whole strand of events to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War, including the world premiere of the 14-18 NOW co-commission Clarion Call by Byron J. Scullin and Supple Fox.

There are three more SPILL Commissions in this year’s festival, Revue, On Akka’s Shore and Uro.

On the first day of the festival, in Revue, Jade Montserrat performs a choreographed, repeated routine for 24 hours; a performance that will be live-streamed to institutions around the world where Josephine Baker performed.

About halfway through the festival, Umama Hamido’s on screen and live work, On Akka’s Shore explores the chaos of memory in relation to personal and collective history, through sound, text and video.

On the closing day of the festival, Vivian Chinasa Ezugha’s durational performance Uro examines the weight of depression through multiple materials.

The 2018 festival also marks the introduction of a brand new strand of activity, the SPILL OPEN, which presents 20 works by early makers with something meaningful to say. From over 688 international applications, the OPEN features artists from around the world.

Plus the festival features an expanded sound and music programme, including performances by Carter Tutti, Eve Libertine + Charles Webber, Martin Green and Gaika.

Find out more, including how to book a multi-performance pass at spillfestival.com

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Date Posted: 27 September 2018