Tempting Failure 2018

Transgression, radical action, broken sound and intense intimacy - Tempting Failure biennial of performance art and noise will take Croydon out of it’s comfort zone as the festival fills the borough for TF18.

The programme runs from 9 July - 22 July in seven venues across Croydon town centre. Filling spaces ranging from the streets and a pub theatre to a grade II listed Town Hall, TF18 hosts bold and brilliant artists from across the world responding to the provocation Fractured Bodies.

Since it’s beginnings in 2012 Tempting Failure has supported and shown work that is often considered too messy, too difficult, too extreme by many. This ethos continues into it’s 6th year, with the line-up of 70 boundary-pushing artists exploring Fractured Bodies through the lens of personal experience, gender identity, violence and bodily intervention, through political and geographic concerns of identity, Brexit and borders, or through the sounds and actions of glitch, feedback, distortion and very loud noise.

The festival also hosts a screening of film works from Hermann Nitsch’s archives, in celebration of this iconic actionist’s 80th birthday. Nine separate works, from Orgien Mysterien Theater actions to large-scale blood paintings, will be shown over three days, each one in full and uncut.

“For TF18, as in all previous years, the majority of artists on the programme came through an international open call. I always find this so exciting - it gives us the chance to encounter emerging new talent, see amazing artists from overseas and for familiar names to surprise us with bold new ideas. I’m really proud of how we support artists to make work that might not find a home elsewhere, and equally support audiences to encounter pieces outside of their comfort zone’ - Hellen Burrough, TF Producer

See the full programme of TF18 events and artists.

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Date Posted: 27 June 2018