Transform 17

Transform 17
19-22 April

Originally established by West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2011, and setting out to reimagine what theatre can look like and what it can do, Transform has now evolved into an independent organisation with a local and global outlook. Transform present festivals of local and international theatre whilst concocting projects with artists all year round.

In April 2017 they present their, boldest festival yet. Taking place in arts venues, city sites and outdoor spaces in Leeds, Transform 17 explores everything from activism, community collaboration, the digital age, gender politics and the future of Europe.

For 2017 Transform has joined forces with local artists to produce powerful new works that will be premiered at the festival, alongside extraordinary international artists presenting shows in Leeds for the first time.

Celebrating the independent and adventurous spirit of Leeds, Transform want to reflect the socially conscious and radical North, whilst connecting to the world.

Transform is guided by the following principles & ideas:

Reimagining what theatre can look like & what it can do
Pushing at the notion of what theatre can be – creating and presenting theatre works and events that span or combine performance, live art, music, physicality, the digital and the interactive, taking place in all kinds of contexts and spaces.

Independent & adventurous spirit of Leeds
Embracing the ethos of the city, collaborating with bold artists who base themselves here and make performance with a fierce independent spirit.

Socially conscious & radical North
Ongoing connection with the city and world we live in now. Collaborating with people and within local communities, creating projects that explore critical themes.

Creating a meeting point for cross cultural ideas and exchange. Connecting across borders and bringing the world to Leeds.

Celebration & Festivities
Parties, feasting, performance, conversation – bringing different people and contexts together.

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Date Posted: 18 April 2017