WAKE is ]performance s p a c e['s curatorial project for 2017. Showcasing over 40 artists, WAKE is a six month programme of events, exploring social consciousness, collectivity and division. It is a call to action, to wake up. A vigil to remember what has gone before and a gathering to consider how we may move forward together. WAKE consists of three strands: The Rising, Vigils and WAKE Festival. The Rising was the inaugural event of the WAKE programme – the first in a series of four platform events supporting six artists with a bursary to create new work. The first The Rising event took place during Folkestone's Open Quarter Weekend on the 17 June and was the launch event of ]performance s p a c e['s new, permanent venue at 62 Tontine Street, Folkestone. The event platformed the work of performance artists: Collette Patterson, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Matt Mahony-Page, Giulia Mattera, Viviana Druga and Orinta Pranaityte.

The 2, 3 and 4 Rising's (November 2017, May 2018 & November 2018) are a collaboration with Live Art UK’s Diverse Actions initiative which champions culturally diverse (BME: Black and Minority Ethnic) ambition, excellence and talent in Live Art/Performance Art.

In addition to The Rising platforms, WAKE also includes four Vigils in June, July, August and September as well as a three day WAKE Festival of performance art taking place alongside the Folkestone Triennial in September. The Vigils are about holding space to think, reflect and act in a series of four performance events giving platform to urgent thematics - Black, Rites, Earth and Sex. The 1st Vigil, BLACK, took place on the 24th June and consisted of a durational install-action entitled 'No Need For Clothes' along with two shorter works by artist Jade Montserrat, a gig from L.A. based, all black, femme punk group; Fuck You Pay Us and a free drop-in workshop from Brooklyn based artist Salome Asega entitled the 'Iyapo Repository' – where participants become archivists of a future history they envision utilising virtual reality.

The next three Vigils are: RITES - an iteration of LEIBNIZ's (Ernst Fischer & Helen Spackman) 'The Book of Blood: Human (w)Rites'. LEIBNIZ will also lead a 6-day performance 
laboratory (23 - 28 July) working with emerging artists to develop the culminating iteration of The Book of Blood: Human (w)Rites on Saturday 29 July. EARTH – an evening of performances and intervention from Nowhere Kitchen (Pepe Dayaw), Ilya Noe & Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (26 August) and SEX – showcasing new performances from Rocio Boliver, johnsmith and Julie Tolentino (28 October).

The final element of WAKE is the WAKE Festival (8 – 10 September), a three day festival of site-specific, durational Performance Art sited in and around Folkestone, with evening performance events each night at the ]performance s p a c e[ hub. The format of the festival sees five artists (Kira O'Reilly, Dominic Thorpe, Carlos Martiel and Hancock & Kelly) making durational, site-specific work across three days in various locations around Folkestone. Each evening (7pm-10pm) a small number of invited artists will present shorter works at ]ps[, includng Fausto Gracia, Anja Ibsch, Frank Homeyer, L ocal Foreigner, Surya Tüchler, Rita Marhaug, Emilio Rojas, Esther Neff, Selina Bonelli, Lala Nomada.

Throughout the entire programme ]ps[ have various paid opportunities, workshops and platforms that people can apply for – including a workshop with Manuel Vason, focused on creative documentation of the WAKE Festival. Information on this workshop and other opportunities can be found on ]ps['s Opportunities page.

Performance Art has a new home. Get to Folkestone.



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Date Posted: 27 June 2017