30 national venues, promoters and facilitators who collectively represent a range of practices and are concerned with all aspects of the development and promotion of the Live Art sector.

  • Arnolfini

    Based in Bristol, Arnolfini is one of the UK's major contemporary arts spaces combining galleries, live, dance, film, literature and education programmes, and presenting the bi-annual festival Inbetween Time.

  • Artsadmin

    Based in London, Artsadmin is a unique producing and presenting organisation for contemporary artists, working locally, nationally and internationally. Artsadmin runs an education programme, a Summer School and offers various support resources and services for artists including a free advisory service, our weekly e-digest, mentoring and development programmes and a bursary scheme.

  • Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

    Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts is an interdisciplinary arts hub connecting University of Sussex with Brighton & Hove and the wider national and international arts communities. The centre presents a programme of contemporary arts – including music, theatre, dance, live art, film and digital practices. The centre also supports innovation in research, teaching and community engagement through its artistic programmes and artist residencies facilitated across university departments.

  • BAC

    Based in an old town hall in the heart of Battersea, BAC is renowned for making some of the most cutting-edge new theatre in the UK. Its mission is to invent the future of theatre, integrating artist development with a programme of theatre, participation and events, in a place that enables complicity, brokers new connections between communities, and where risk and adventure are

  • Bluecoat

    Based in Liverpool, the Bluecoat is a combined arts centre located in a 300-year old building in central Liverpool, presenting a year round programme of exhibitions and live art, music, literature, dance, and participative projects, much of it delivered in partnership. Housing a creative community of artists, designers, shops and cafes, it is a creative hub for the city and hosts festivals such as DaDaFest, Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival and Liverpool Biennial.


    //BUZZCUT// is an artist-led organisation based in Glasgow. The main thing we do is an annual five day festival in a big old community centre, and we also work throughout the year to support experimental performance practice and Live Art across Scotland.

  • Cambridge Junction

    Cambridge Junction is the arts centre in Cambridge where art meets life. Cambridge Junction is an edgy urban venue serving communities from across Cambridgeshire and East England. Its programme is made up of three inter-related areas of activity: arts development and presentation; popular culture with a focus of music, comedy and clubs; and creative learning and skills development in the arts.

  • Centre for Live Art Yorkshire

    CLAY is a centre for artworks that test boundaries and artists whose practice is hard to define. CLAY supports risk, experimentation and interdisciplinary artwork. Building and evolving from the legacy of Live Art Bistro, CLAY has a bold ambition to be an Art Centre for Live and Interdisciplinary artwork. A building that provides space for artists to take risks in and experiment.

  • Chapter Arts Centre

    Based in Cardiff, Chapter is Wales’ flagship centre for the contemporary arts with an all year round programme of performance, cinema and visual arts from Wales and internationally.

  • Colchester Arts Centre

    Based in Essex, Colchester Arts Centre is housed in a converted church and presents a year round programme of performing arts, specialising in Live Art.

  • Compass

    Based in Leeds, Compass Live Art aims to further develop Live Art in Yorkshire and the Humber, bringing together a critical mass of Live Art activity to strengthen and sustain the ambitions, diversity and vitality of the art form. Established in 2010, Compass encourages new work, new conversations and new audiences.

  • Contact, Manchester

    Contact is a contemporary arts venue presenting theatre, dance, cabaret, spoken word, live art and music, as well as regular festivals including Queer Contact, Flying Solo and Contacting the World. Contact is highly distinctive in placing young people aged 13-30 at the decision-making heart of every aspect of the organisation, as well as training the next generation of creative leaders.

  • Fierce Festival

    Based in Birmingham, Fierce produces an annual international festival of Live Art in venues across the West Midlands and year round education and professional development programmes.

  • Forest Fringe

    Based in London, Forest Fringe is a growing community of artists working together to explore new ways of supporting and presenting unconventional performance work at the Edinburgh Festival and beyond.

  • hÅb

    Based in Manchester, hÅb is a producer, developer and advocate of contemporary performance, live art and sited work in the North West. greenroom's key partner for over a decade, hÅb aims to maintain its performance legacy, working in collaboration with a range of venues to produce showing opportunities, platforms and artist development projects like emergency, Turn, Hazard and Works Ahead and, from 2012 to present a new public-facing brand: Word of Warning, a regular bulletin and peripatetic programme of contemporary live work in Manchester and beyond.

  • Home Live Art

    Based in Hastings, home live art is a leading creative production company in the UK: specialising in innovative live events with contemporary artists and performers, which explore diverse contexts and spaces, create new forms of cultural experience and emphasise interactivity, entertainment and participation.

  • In Between Time

    Based in Bristol, In Between Time is an international production company creating extraordinary art works and the In Between Time Festival. IBT encourages artists and audiences to do things they have not imagined. It explodes out of the art institution to revel in new curatorial models, technologies and critical discourse around an impressive programme of live, digital, architectural and sculptural works. 


    Valuing creativity and creative practice, Lancaster Arts' public programmes of arts presentation, production, preservation, research and learning reflect Lancaster University's commitment to culture. LA’s mission is to support the many colours of art in the 21st Century and to foster social, cultural, educational and economic impact within this context, as an organisation based in the North of England.

  • LIFT, London International Festival of Theatre

    Established in 1981, LIFT, London International Festival of Theatre, has risen to become one of the most important events in the British arts scene, with an influence that reaches far beyond London. Working with artists from across the world to find new ways of seeing the city, LIFT's rich and varied programming has presented extraordinary events in both conventional theatres and in more unusual spaces such as disused power stations, churches and canal basins.

  • Live Art Development Agency

    Based in London, the Live Art Development Agency (LADA) is a Centre for Live Art: a knowledge and research centre, a production centre for programmes and publications, and an online centre for digital experimentation and representation. Through its Projects, Opportunities, Resources and Publishing LADA creates new artistic frameworks, legitimises unclassifiable art forms, and gives agency to underrepresented artists, and works to support everyone who makes, watches, researches, studies, teaches, produces, presents and writes about Live Art in the UK and internationally.

  • National Theatre of Scotland

    The National Theatre of Scotland was established in 2006 and has created over 250 productions. Being a theatre without walls, the company presents a wide variety of work that ranges from large-scale productions to projects tailored to the smallest performing spaces. In addition to classic theatres, the company has performed in airports, schools, tower blocks, community halls, ferries and forests.

  • Norwich Arts Centre

    Internationally recognised, Norwich Arts Centre is firmly established in the heart of Norwich’s cultural community as the leading contemporary arts venue. Delivering a daily programme of live music, live art, theatre, dance, visual art and spoken word, NAC also continually supports the development of artists locally and nationally.


    SICK! Festival confronts the challenges of life and death and how we survive them (or don’t). The festival bears witness to the physical, mental and social realities of our lives, shining a light on urgent issues that often remain misunderstood or taboo. Rooted in personal experience and shared understanding the festival brings together voices from the arts, science, healthcare, charities and those who confront these issues in their daily lives. Taking place across Manchester and Brighton SICK! Festival presents an outstanding programme of performance, theatre, dance, literature, film, visual art and public debates.

  • Steakhouse Live

    Steakhouse Live is a DIY platform for radical performance practices. It’s rough. It’s raw. Unprofessionalism is embraced. Work cuts across performance art, theatre, visual art, cabaret, sculpture, dance, drag and participatory performance.

  • Take Me Somewhere

    Take Me Somewhere is a celebratory festival of contemporary performance in Glasgow, originally created to build on the legacy of The Arches’ arts programme. The festival consists of events created through a programme of artistic development opportunities, combined with inspirational work from beyond Scotland. Take Me Somewhere aims to provide a crucial support structure to Scotland’s most innovative and exciting community of artists and makers.

  • Tempting Failure

    Tempting Failure began operating in 2012 and curates a festival of international performance art and noise art. This showcases under-represented or extreme artwork that may interrogate risk or challenge preconceptions. We provide a high profile and professional context, working with artists to establish a supportive environment where logistically restrictive practice can be presented in a safe and contextualised manner. TF is an artist lead organisation, run as a registered non-profit CIC, operating to date in both London and Bristol.

  • The Marlborough Pub & Theatre

    Based in a historic former boarding house dating back to 1794 The Marlborough is a bustling diverse, queer community hub in central Brighton. We support artists working in live art and performance at all career stages through residencies, advocacy, producing support and programming. Our aim is to make Brighton an internationally important home for queer performance.

  • Transform

    Transform is an engine room for urgent, of the moment theatre in Leeds. We are the creators of the biennial Transform festivals, citywide takeovers of extraordinary performance by local and international artists. Celebrating the independent and adventurous spirit of Leeds, reflecting the socially conscious and radical North, and connecting to the world.

  • Wunderbar

    Playfully disruptive and seriously curious, Wunderbar produces projects that bring audiences & artists together on journeys of intrigue and wonder. Beginning its life as a north east-based festival in 2009, Wunderbar has evolved into an ongoing project that hosts projects both locally, nationally and internationally - projects that hope to inspire, challenge and nurture new ways to think, work and play.

  • ]performance s p a c e [

    ]performance s p a c e [ is the UK's only performance art specific studio & event space. We aim to cultivate live work that critically and physically pushes the boundaries of body and space. It is a place where work can unfold without restraints of censorship, duration or space; committed to supporting challenging, unresolved and difficult work that embraces performance art as an ever-evolving medium.