It’s Time: how Live Art is taking on the world from the front line to the bottom line

08 March 2019

A collection of case studies from Live Art UK

It’s Time responds to the recent successes of Live Art and highlights those artists, projects and initiatives which are re-politicising and re-energising our arts spaces, sharing radical works and ideas with a public who are themselves being forced to do more with less.

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It’s Time demonstrates that through creative resistance – of patriarchy, of white supremacy, of ableism, of corporate interest and austerity – Live Art can determine its own future, and that of the world around it.

It’s Time builds on In Time, the first collection of Live Art UK case studies published in 2010.

It’s Time includes contextualising essays by Lyn Gardner and Cecilia Wee and case studies by Joon Lynn Goh on Live Art and Solidarity, Mel Evans and Hayley Newman on Live Art and Activism, Abby Butcher & David Sheppeard on Live Art Spaces and Places, Salome Wagaine on Live Art and Representation, Aaron Wright on Live Art and Artist Development, Ilana Mitchell on Live Art and Participation, Karl Taylor on Live Art and Access, Helen Cole and Salette Gressett on Live Art in a Global Context, Mary Paterson on Live Art and Thinking, and Andy Field on Live Art and Money.


Live Art, as nurtured so fruitfully within the networks of Live Art UK, provides an opening – an opportunity – for the most extraordinary imaginations, bodies and voices to explore the edges of creative possibility, making art possible in the intimate, unexpected and dangerous spaces of life.  

John McGrath Artistic Director, Manchester International Festival


At its best, Live Art is rigorous, irreverent, brave and kind of... exhilarating! Because it's space. Space on the margins to imagine different ways of living, and to truly create and exercise agency. I think that what these case studies do brilliantly is explore that agency: its limitations and possibilities, how it resists co-option, how it stays radical, how a new world is made where life and art are inseparable and shape one another.

Selina Thompson, artist


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Read extract - Making the future by Dr Cecilia Wee

Read extract - Live Art & Activism, Mapping art and action by Mel Evans and Hayley Newman

Read extract - Live Art and Access, Working with the d'Deaf community by Karl Taylor

Look out for launch events in Newcastle in May (date TBC) and in London June 11. 


Live Art UK is a network of venues, promoters and organisations who work collectively to promote awareness and understanding of Live Art, to provide resources and opportunities, and to influence cultural policy regionally, nationally and internationally.

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It’s Time is published by the Live Art Development Agency and Wunderbar on behalf of Live Art UK, 2019.